The notoriety and perception of the Denomination increased in the first three years.
Confirmed the action program to achieve the set objectives.

Grosseto, 4 August 2021_In the sign of continuity, Francesco Mazzei has been re-elected president of the Consorzio Tutela Vini della Maremma Toscana for a second term.
“In a three-year period where the pandemic has hindered the activities, encouraging results have nevertheless been obtained regarding the notoriety and appreciation of the Denomination”, affirms the reconfirmed president, who adds “This confirms the potential of the DOC Maremma Toscana; it is desirable to act in continuity with the objectives of the development program implemented in 2018. “Florentine, born in 1959, Mazzei is a successful entrepreneur, CEO of Marchesi Mazzei spa, which counts Tenuta Belguardo in the Tuscan Maremma among its companies. Francesco Mazzei currently holds also the position of President of AVITO, an important Association that brings together 22 Wine Consortiums of Tuscany, which supply practically all of the regional PDO and IGT production with over 1 billion in turnover (11% of the national one).

Driven by the production growth of the DOC and its notoriety in the period that has just ended, and in the awareness of the potential of the wines and the territory, expressed only in part due to the mandatory closures that took place starting from the first months of 2020, there are many the objectives of the second management led by Mazzei: to broaden the social base; stimulate qualitative growth; reach at least 10 million bottles; continue on the path of synergies with other consortia operating in the area; give vigor to wine tourism; encourage sustainable and precision farming practices. All this has as its focus the need to create value for the entire supply chain. To reach them, Mazzei will be joined by the vice presidents Marco Bruni (Azienda Bruni) and Edoardo Donato (Podere Biologico Carpine). The other members of the new Board of Directors are Andrea Daldin (Tenuta Sassoregale-Santa Margherita), Alessandro Gallo (Rocca di Montemassi), Sergio Bucci (Vignaioli del Morellino), Pericle Paciello (Rocca di Frassinello), Federica Mascheroni Stianti (Castelprile-Compagnia di Volpaia) ) and Massimo Tuccio (Cantina Cooperativa I Vini di Maremma).

“Among the strengths from which to start again are certainly the improvement in the value of the DOC Maremma Toscana brand, largely achieved with Vermentino and which we will also pursue for the other types of wine provided for by the specification”, explains Mazzei, for which it is “an achievable result thanks to promotional campaigns and events and fairs – which I hope can be resumed in total safety as soon as possible – carried out by the Consortium in Italy and abroad, also together with the other Consortia, to synergistically enhance the enhancement of the territory and its wines “. “The DOC Maremma Toscana is young but is already in 7th place for bottling among the Tuscan PDOs. The 19% increase in bottled in the first half of 2021, after the slowdown in 2020 due to the pandemic, bodes well for the target of 10 million bottles in the medium term, essential critical mass to have visibility on the markets “, continues Mazzei.

Also important is the work of mapping the production area to identify the areas, biodiversity and varieties to be enhanced, as well as addressing and supporting sustainable viticulture aimed at preserving the Maremma, maintaining and even enhancing the positive perception of consumers for this territory. still unspoiled.
Founded in 2014, the Consortium currently has 314 member companies, of which 97 “vertical” companies. The production involves small and medium-sized winemakers alongside some of the most famous names on the national wine scene.

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