It will be the closing day of the Tuscan Previews, it will be held on 25 March in the museum complex of Santa Maria Novella where ten Consortia with thirteen Denominations will present the new vintages

Florence, March 2022_ A hundred national and international journalists are expected as well as a selection (by invitation) of operators in the sector at the L’Altra Toscana appointment, novelty of the long-awaited “Previews of Tuscany” which began on March 19 with “PrimAnteprima 2022” , the inaugural day of the Week promoted by the Tuscany Region together with the Florence Chamber of Commerce and organized by PromoFirenze and the Fondazione Sistema Toscana. Exceptional testimonial of this edition the singer and winemaker, Gianna Nannini.
On March 25, in the evocative museum complex of Santa Maria Novella, with the support of the Municipality of Florence, the Consortiums Carmignano, Chianti Rufina, Colline Lucchesi, Cortona, Maremma Toscana, Montecucco, Orcia, Terre di Casole, Terre di Pisa and Valdarno di Sopra – with their thirteen denominations – make a system in going to tell a different Tuscany, all to be explored where an incredible variety of tastes and terroir stand out, from the hills to the sea, in an area where vines are grown from centuries and where today, many different realities, allow themselves to be guided by a sartorial approach with a strong focus on sustainability in the vineyard and in the cellar.
“The goal is to describe a Tuscany of wine, with ever higher quality peaks, which really enriches the wine offer of the region”, explains Francesco Mazzei at the head of the L’Altra Toscana Association and adds “We have chosen an extremely evocative place full of artistic beauties in which to stage this first edition of an event designed to offer the press – which will then tell the general public – a kaleidoscope of tastes and terroir – in connection with art and culture – for those looking for something new “.
To go even deeper, the Consortia have thought of three special tastings, led by Gabriele Gorelli – the first Italian Master of Wine -, which will have as their theme: “The Other Sangiovese. Blind tasting of the Crus of a Tuscany to be discovered ”,“ The value of time. The longevity you do not expect ”and“ The courage to change. Bio, sustainability and other ways of making wine “. “A decidedly varied team of denominations and for this very reason interesting to follow. The masterclasses want to develop concepts that aim to legitimize these denominations too often referred to as minor. The goal is to show the objective quality and longevity of these wines while at the same time teasing the curiosity of the participants with the courage to change “, says Gorelli.
Everything is therefore ready to turn the spotlight on a wine cross-section of the region that is certainly less known but no less interesting. The main denominations are produced in different areas of Tuscany, from the hilly ones overlooking the city of Lucca to those south of Pisa that from San Miniato go almost to the coast, from the small area west of Siena around Casole d ‘ Elsa to the Grosseto Maremma and the Amiata area of ​​Montecucco, from the Rufina area northeast of Florence along the course of the Sieve river to the small area west of Florence between Poggio a Caiano and Carmignano, from the splendid Val d’Orcia to the Val di Chiana with the hills of the Valdarno di Sopra – between Florence and Arezzo – to the hills of Cortona beyond the Maestro della Chiana canal, almost touching Lake Trasimeno. Many wine-growing enclaves of great charm.

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